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  • The Greater Preston Business Association believes that the business community is an integral part of the livability of any city. GPBA has made the commitment to help enhance the culture of the city while promoting the business community that will make business owners and residents alike proud.
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  • Check out our Business Directory to get information on all the business helping us support our community. Remember, these Members not only show pride in their businesses but pride in the communities in Franklin County.
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Why should you join the Greater Preston Business Association, Inc?

  • The GPBA is dedicated to the community and businesses of Franklin County.


  1. Provides an information exchange forum for issues that affect businesses in Franklin County.
  2. Promotes loyalty to our businesses.
  3. Provides unique opportunities to network and form marketing alliances with other business owners through special committees, the email distribution lists, our Website, meetings and events.
  4. Maintains this GPBA Web Site, which is constantly being improved and promoted to encourage visits by potential customers with community content and Special Offers from member businesses, and gives your business local and global exposure.Your listing includes your business name, address, phone numbers, email address, your logo and a link to your website on the Category page. You also get your own Business Page containing the above contact information, your business description and an image. Your membership includes a listing in one category. You may also choose to be included in up to two additional business categories for $20 each per year.
  5. Maintains a community calendar allowing members to submit events. This central calendar allows businesses to plan and better maximize public attendance at their events.
  6. Needs YOUR unique viewpoint, experience and insight on all issues.

GPBA Goals

  • To provide a central location to the communities of Franklin County for information on local businesses, calendar of events and things to see and do in Franklin County.
  • To provide networking opportunities for all local businesses.
  • To introduce the community and visitors to your business through an easy-to-use website.

Membership Types

  • General Members are those businesses, whether operated or owned as a sole proprietorship, association, corporation, limited liability company, partnership, nonprofit corporation, or any other duly organized business or business entity, which have their principal place of business within Franklin County; and such business or business entity must be in compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations which apply to such business. Each business within the general member category shall designate one individual who will serve as its general member, and may change its designated general member from time to time.
  • Associate Members are individuals employed by, or otherwise associated with as an independent contractor, a general member as defined above.
  • Affiliate Members are individuals that own real property in Franklin County, Idaho as recorded by the Franklin County Recorder’s Office, either in his/her own name or through a sole proprietorship, association, corporation, limited liability company, partnership, trust, estate or other entity which may legally own real property. Affiliate members do not have voting rights.
  • Friends of GPBA are not members, but are individuals or entities who have an interest in the objectives and purposes of the GPBA, are in compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations, and whose application and status as Friends of GPBA are approved by the Board of Directors.


  • General Member: $100 per year.  This includes voting rights, a free web page on this web site, and a hyperlink to your own web site.
  • Associate Member: $100 per year. This includes a free web page on this web site.
  • Affiliate Member: $100 per year. This includes a free web page on this web site.
  • Friend of the GPBA: To be determined by the GPBA Board of Directors.
  • Multiple Business Memberships by one Organization: Additional businesses must pay full membership dues.


Meetings are held the 4th Thursday of each month at 12:00 noon.  Check the Events page or calendar for location and agenda.

Board Of Directors

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