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When you are buying a new house or property, the last thing you want to discover is that the property has a complication you were unaware of, which may affect your purchase.  Northern Title seeks to protect buyers from such situations.  The company performs title examinations on real estate records and issues title insurance policies for buyers, sellers and lenders along with performing escrow closing work.  Another service available is IRS 1031 exchanges, which make it possible for one property owner to sell real estate and purchase a different piece of real estate, and thereby defer the payment of federal income taxes.

Northern Title President, Jay Davis, started in the business as a title searcher in 1978 to support himself while attending college.  He worked there for several years before the previous owners divested interest in it. By 1985, Jay and his brother, Paul, acquired Northern Title and have owned and operated it ever since.

Jay is the anchor at Northern Title.  He’s been in the real estate business for 35 years and in the title business for 33.  He knows virtually every aspect of the business inside and out.  Jay enjoys dealing with customers and clients and especially enjoys closing transactions for people.  Jay also has tremendous experience in handling IRS Section 1031 exchanges—the more complicated they are, the more he likes them.

Shortly after graduating from Utah State University with a degree in Accounting, Paul joined Northern Title.  Since that time he has been involved in virtually every aspect of Northern Title’s business.  Paul’s present duties are varied, but he spends the majority of his time working in title production.  Paul has a great sense of humor and especially likes the customers and employees he has the opportunity to work with.  If you have any questions, Paul is available anytime.  Just call him on his cell phone and he would be glad to talk to you.

Until the year 2000, the company had only one office in Logan.  Since that time, it has expanded and now has 11 offices across Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming.  A major contribution to Northern Title’s successful growth is the fact that its customers know that their most valued assets are protected, and they recommend Northern Title’s services to friends and family.

Northern Title continues to expand, which Jay attributes to staying the course and surrounding himself highly qualified employees.

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