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Strong, Rugged & Built to Keep Your Family Safe

Every Vital Domes shelter is built to provide long-term safety and reliable protection after the unimaginable has happened. Disasters often come in waves, one after the other. Earthquakes have aftershocks, tornadoes have following thunder storms, hurricanes bring flooding. When it comes to surviving the aftermath of an natural or man made disaster you need a strong shelter you can count on.


UV Protection

Our 18oz polyvinyl cover withstands the sun’s intense UV rays for over 7 years of continuous use in the elements.


Resilient Backbone

For affordable, unmatched strength every frame we make is made with a strong, lightweight, galvanized steel.


Time-Tested Materials

From the frame to the cover to the details like the thread, we only use historically proven, top-grade materials.

The Best Survival Systems Are Passive

If chopping, hauling and curing wood 24/7 sounds like fun after a disaster then you may not be interested in our passive solar heating window. It takes about 4 1/2 cords of wood to heat a tent or shelter during the winter. That’s 36 feet of wood, 4 feet tall, by 4 feet wide! We call that an active survival system. Our optional passive solar window offers a better way by heating our shelter up to 70 degrees warmer inside than the outside air by using the radiant power of the sun. Consider getting the passive solar “bay” window so you can relax and try to refrain from wielding your axe or growing an unruly mountain-man beard.

An Inviting, Comfortable Refuge

Our Vital Domes 24′ geodesic shelter is roomy and large inside. Emergency living doesn’t have to be crowded, uncomfortable, with limited personal space. We’ve combined the natural, open, free feeling that only dome’s have with a relaxing, well ventilated interior and our optional passive solar heating window to keep you and your family comfortable regardless of the season or weather.



Comfortably sleeps 10+ adults and still has room for all your prep stuff, a kitchenette, wood stove and a pile of wood.


Well Vented

Comes standard with 1 top moisture vent and 2 large side vents designed to keep your gear dry and the air fresh.


No Cabin Fever

Ample room for everyone lifts spirits. Space is good for when the elements are raging outside and you’re forced inside.


Built For Privacy

Avoid unwanted attention with optional privacy partitions, a bathroom vestibule and a passive solar window curtain.

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